Restoration at Bend Picture Framing

by Tavia VanHorn May 25, 2017

Restoration at Bend Picture Framing

Why discard your torn or marred memories when we can breathe new life back into your treasured possessions? We offer a variety of restoration types, including:

Retouching of:  Acrylic paintings, watercolors, watercolor photography, prints, pencil and charcoals, etc.

Salvaging of: Rips and tears, cleaning of dirt or water damage, poor framing, and general reconstruction.

Each piece is priced on a case by case basis- depending on severity of damage and materials. Please bring your piece into the shop for a consultation and quote from our restoration artist.


Damaged paintings may seem hopeless, but often even severe damage can be made nearly invisible with the proper repair. Water damage may loosen the ground, causing loss of paint or mold growth on the surface. The artist’s technique itself may also cause problems that put the painting at risk for significant damage. All of these issues can be addressed by our skilled conservators. Each damaged and skillfully repaired painting below represented a different challenge. The challenges have been met, and the paintings can be seen once again as the artist intended.

Cleaning; repair of tears; cracks and holes; consolidation of lifting and flaking paint; relining; replacement of missing paint; expert reconstruction of missing areas; re-stretching of canvases.

Bend Picture Framing has restored many different types of works on paper: watercolors, lithographs, pastels, wood cuts, drawings,  etchings, , old maps, posters, fine art prints, letters, photographs, and signs.

Typically, damage to the works on paper occurs due to:

Changes in humidity and temperature:  storing works on paper in basements, attics, or hanging them on the outside walls

Faulty framing: mat boards containing acid and lignin, use of adhesives, lack of spacers in between artwork and glass

Exposure to the light: sunlight or fluorescent light or any other intense light source without UV protection glass.



Our restoration services give new life to antique picture frames. Antique picture frames frequently need cleaning, repair of broken pieces, conservation and restoration of original gilded surfaces; re-gilding and antiquing; joining and re-enforcing damaged corners.

Examine your artworks and call us if you notice:

  • Reddish-brown spots also known as “foxing”, caused by mold
  • Mat-burn, a darkening of the paper under the mat or at the bevel cut of the window mat, caused by bad quality or very old mat board
  • Art that is not adhered to its backing properly
  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration or fading
  • Water damage


If you are interested in having your artwork evaluated for repair or cleaning, or speaking with us about our art services, you are welcome to call our Gallery at 541.383.2676. 


You can also email a photograph of your artwork (with a close-up of any damaged areas) and the dimensions of your artwork to and we'll happily review your piece.


You can also use our Contact Us page.


Tavia VanHorn
Tavia VanHorn


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