Meet Our Team

Tavia Van Horn

The magnetic Manager at Bend Picture Framing.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, an Associate’s degree in Business and is a Master Framer with 13 years of experience in the field.  To top it all, she also has an extensive background in restoration.  Her favorite part of working here is the meaningful and long-term relationships that she has developed with BPF’s loyal clients over the years.

Teresa Simenson

The semi-retired Manager at Bend Picture Framing. Teresa is a long-time member of the Bend Community and art enthusiast.  When she’s done helping with the bookkeeping or Website for Bend Picture Framing she can most likely be found at one of Bend’s beautiful dog parks with her dog and constant companion, Aili.  

Mario Dickson

The witty and stylish Designer of Bend Picture Framing.  Mario is a well-known fixture in the local arts community, and has an extensive background in color theory. His favorite part about working here is the opportunity to experience art on a daily basis and following projects from start to finish.

Katharine DeNinno 

No longer the newest member of our design crew at Bend Picture Framing.  Katharine has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and Art History and a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation with experience in restoration and fine art conservation.  When she is not at Bend Picture Framing she is likely to be found on one of Oregon’s many beautiful hiking trails or paddling for Bend Oregon Outrigger Canoe Club.  Her favorite part about working at Bend Picture Framing is executing custom designs that will protect and preserve your wonderful works or art.

Lucas VanHorn

The fabulous Installation Manager for Bend Picture Framing and Bend Picture Framing Design Studio.  Lucas has lived in Central Oregon his entire life and has been a part of the framing community for the last several years.  When he’s not installing your art you may find him spending time with his wonderful wife,  stupendous sons and dashing dogs.  His favorite part about working here is using his craftsman skills and keen eye to hang your beautiful works of art.