Why discard your torn or marred memories when we can breathe new life back into your treasured possessions? We offer a variety of restoration types, including:

Retouching of:  Acrylic paintings, watercolors, watercolor photography, prints, pencil and charcoals, etc.

Salvaging of: Rips and tears, cleaning of dirt or water damage, poor framing, and general reconstruction.

Each piece is priced on a case by case basis- depending on severity of damage and materials. Please bring your piece into the shop for a consultation and quote from our restoration artist.

Below you can see one of our restorations:

A beautiful restoration of an oil painting on canvas. Our restoration artist delicately cleaned the surface and added a new layer of varnish. The process brightened it considerably and brought the colors back, restoring life to the piece. Cherry on top: adding an elegant frame!